Importance of Logos in Bolstering Corporate Identity

For a long time, a company’s corporate identity was synonymous with the word logo or logos, as these were considered to be the most adequate representations of a company’s core values, overall aesthetic and how it wanted to be seen to the rest of the world. Though logos and corporate identity do in fact go hand in hand, they are by no means words that can be used interchangeably. Instead, logos are to be considered one of the cruxes of corporate identity, as they dictate how a company is perceived at first glance.

Logos serve as a representation of the corporate identity and subsequent brand in its simplest form—basically a visual representation of how a company wants to be perceived to the rest of the consumer world. Good logos relay this information about the company simply by using graphic elements such as specific colors, typeface and even icons. For example, a company whose corporate identity revolves around helping others should reflect those values in the overall design of the logo. If done well, logos can stand alone, and can evoke the same kind of recognition and response as seeing a company name.

The process of creating good logos to nurture corporate identity is on no way a thoughtless one, and it should not be treated as such. The process involves not only implementation of a proper design approach—considering color, type and other visual elements—but also a consideration of the psychological impact that the unique combination of type and graphics will have on the viewer. People can often determine whether your brand is one with which they’d like to associate themselves in a matter of seconds after viewing your logo, making it essential to choose the correct typeface, colors and shapes to adequately represent your company and brand.

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